Dear Meryl Streep, it is time you stick to facts and not opinions alone

Dear Meryl Streep, it is time you came out of the closet and declared thatYES I AM VERY MUCH A PART OF TRUMP HATING CROWD.

Don’t play to the gallery,  Dear Meryl Streep

It isn’t that we are particularly enamored of your new President, Donald Trump. But, after analyzing your Golden Globe speech , we can just say this- don’t play to the gallery. Show some respect to your fans, and credit them with some intelligence. We follow you all the time but you are also under our watchful eyes, Dear Meryl!

Dear Meryl Streep
So much love and respect fro a child rapist?

Factoid #1- Trump did not say it in 2016

Speaking at the Golden Globe, you said that Trump  after winning the Presidency, had belittled a disabled reporter.The reporter, you continued , was less privileged than most of us.

Here’s what you said ,actually;

How could you be so wrong, Dear Meryl Streep!

Trump had addressed the reporter in 2015 and not last year, Meryl. He hadn’t even entered the Presidential fray then! And just to jog your memory a little  more, he had used similar words to berate other able bodied reporters as well.

Dear Meryl Streep
Trump has used similar words to berate other reporters as well, some of them able bodied

And was the reporter less privileged?

Just to let you know Meryl, this gentleman is a Pulitzer Prize winner in his area of expertise! Are Pulitzer winners less privileged than most of us?

Disrespect leads to Disrespect

Your next said that Trump ought to be disrespected as he  had disrespected the poor reporter (or words to this effect).

Really,  Meryl, do you really mean what you said at the Golden Globe!

So, Dear Meryl, why did you leap up in joy in the 2003 Oscars when Roman Polanski was announced as the winner of the best Director Award?

Dear Meryl Streep
You at the 2003 Oscars

Oh , come on, now don’t pretend that you did not know that Polanski is a child rapist! He did not make it to the Oscars because he would have been arrested on the American soil on the charge of raping a child.

Dear Meryl
How could you cheer for a man who is accused  of raping a child?

So, should we start disrespecting the Meryl Streep who adulates child rapists?

Freedom of Press!

As the evening progressed, you continued with your onslaught on Trump. We all need to protect the freedom of press, you pontificated in front of the well heeled Hollywood crowd.

Sure we must, but please do a little bit of research, Dear Meryl Streep.

Under Obama’s presidency, more number of requests have been denied under the Freedom of Information Act than ever in modern times.

Did you know this or you simply glossed over it, Meryl? It would have been great if you had named President Obama for this transgression but, alas,you were just playing to the gallery.

Okay, we would give you a benefit of doubt that you made this remark keeping nobody in mind.

Trump shouldn’t have said this

We agree that Trump shouldn’t have said you are overrated . We oppose him vehemently on his diatribe.

Dear Meryl Streep
Trump denied he belittled a disabled reporter

But, dear Meryl, your every word and action are scrutinized by your adoring masses every day,  week and  month of the year.

You cannot go wrong, you are rated as one of the finest artistes of this century.

And great artistes never play to the gallery. They research and then play their roles.


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