Mithun Das; the traffic cop that is going viral

It’s not every day that you find a superhero without capes in India. But we have Mithun Das for you. On Sunday afternoon, when the storm was thundering Mithun Das, a police constable was standing in Basistha, Assam. He was controlling the traffic in a heavy downpour and that too without a raincoat.

Mithun Das; the traffic cop that is going viral
Image Source: Pratidin Time

When asked about his brave endeavor he said duty comes first for him.

In a thunderstorm,  while most of us run to a safe place, Mithun Das stood there without any protective gear, boldly manning the heavy road. Basistha intersection is one of the busiest roads in Assam. He stood there like a baton of a light; guiding the traffic to safety in highly turbulent weather.

The bystanders and the stranded motorcyclists made a video of Mithun Das which went viral on Twitter, WhatsApp, and other Micro-Media Platforms.

It is not usual to come across with people with such integrity and duty-bound attitude. It is due to brave hearts like him that our country is safe even inside the borders.

The Assam police have already decided to award him soon. They also posted a video of his’ brave endeavor.

We can see he stands tall, without a podium or cover.

Here is the video that went viral of Mithun Das manning the traffic:

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