Monday Motivation : Beat Monday Blues in Vogue

Monday Motivation: Top 6 Ways to Beat Monday Blues in Vogue

Weekend is over. Sorry for rubbing salt on wounds, but it’s a truth. However, did you realize that with that a new day began? It is new bright morning with all glee and hopes waiting. A positive though is definitely the spark for a Monday motivation. But what else can be done to make it an everlasting experience. Read more to know.

Lets beat Monday blues in vogue

Monday Motivation : Beat Monday Blues in Vogue
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The lethargy and the frustration of working in that mundane routine job simply dry us. But for once, spare a thought to all the hardships you faced you and your loved ones faced to achieve this. Were those toils so cheap that today you feel like giving up? Because of today’s work, you are degrading the worth of everything .

No, I am not here to deliver a sermon to you over this. But how about beating these Monday Blues in vogue…

6 Receipes for Monday Motivation

1. Party after work

Everyone loves to take rest, be with family and friends but there is more to this. How about making each night a cheat day. Why do you need to wait for weekends? Just go home and party hard. Let some dinners be barbeque with kids, or candle light one with your spouse. Even quiet cooking adventure with the family is a treasure.

2. Be a flaneur after office

Those 48 hours seems to be heaven with no time crunches or work pressure. But when are you going to segregate the two spheres of life? Never let your personal and professional life weave and tense each other. I know it sounds superfluous at times. Let this dictum dictate you- “Never let anything sinks in.” So once out of workplace, let the sky full of stars welcome you.

3. Negatives cannot touch you

Maintain stoic calm attitude. At you feel certain negative vibes from someone in office. Start maintaining distance from that person, if things do not crease out after talking. However, they day you allow that hatred rule you, start thinking that now you are on a downward spiral. Millions will pull you down. Nevertheless, until the time you do not want to stoop to their level nobody can do anything to you.

4. Pamper yourself

Everyone has mood swings. So how about sneaking in chocolates or maybe cheese. Or maybe let the lunchtime be party time with colleagues. Simply pamper yourself.

5. Work but in style

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, make workplace your second home. Be at your ease and work. Don’t do “work, work, work” but sing “work, work, work” while working . Enjoy your work.

6. Know your worth

Smile and wink at yourself . It is not narcissism, please. But your love for yourself. You simply value yourself.

Stop dragging the life like cement blocks tied to feet. Rather give yourself the wings and fly.

Life is happier with each passing moment. Happiness is not bound to that weekend. Every day is just yet another day, but it is you who make it a Monday or Sunday. All is in you. So project wisely and start living. Don’t hunt for happiness, let each moment be the one of contentment.

“We wander for distraction. But we travel for fulfillment.” – Hillarie Belloc.

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