The Obama presidency has its failures but the liberals won’t notice them

The Obama presidency will be remembered by these famous words,“Yes, we can”. But, has Obama delivered on his intent? While, his Republican foes will definitely disagree, a major portion of the electorate  also looked the other way in the US polls.

But first, let us look at the positive aspects of the Obama presidency.

  • Turned around the US Auto industry

In 2009, Obama  infused more than $60 billion into the ailing US auto industry. In the process, more than 100,000 jobs were created which is a very healthy figure for the American economy. However, it is expected that the Federal Government might lose $16 billion unless the stock prices of this industry improves.
Obama presidency

  • Liquidated Osama Bin Laden

    In 2011, the SEAL forces of the US eliminated one of its most wanted terrorists. Laden was holed up in Abbottabad, Pakistan and the entire operation was conducted in utter secrecy.

  • LGBT in US Army

Earlier in the Obama presidency, the US Army canceled its earlier stand of not admitting gays and LGBT community members into its fold.

  • Improved America’s image abroad

10 out of 15 countries surveyed by the Pew Global Attitudes Project said that they viewed America in positive light under the first few years of the Obama presidency.

  • Asia initiative

Obama embarked upon his most ambitious project when he shifted his gaze from Europe and Middle East to Asia. He recognized the need for engaging with the neighbors of China to contain that country.

  • Renegotiated START

Under Obama, the United States signed a new treaty with Russia that led to a further reduction in nuclear arms of both the two countries.

So what went wrong with the Obama presidency?

According to Washington Times, the Obama presidency has created more foes than friends. Nile Gardiner, foreign policy analyst with the conservative Heritage Foundation, subscribes to this view. Overall, there is a substantial weakening of the American influence on the world stage, he says.

The biggest problem for the US came from the ISIS. It is a terrorist organization that has succeeded in gaining large parts of Iraq and Syria. Critics say that this would not have been possible if the US had a well thought out plan before leaving Iraq. Today, ISIS is a major threat to the American and European interests in the Middle East.

Obama presidency
Many foreign skeptics say that ISIS is a creation of the US

This and more..

Relations with Israel too have frayed. Last December, the US administration kept silent in a crucial Security Council resolution directed against Israel. This action has left the small Jewish nation deeply worried about its future relations with the US.

The Russian equation also has gone wrong, according to some skeptics. Things came to such a pass that last December, members of the Democratic party accused Russia of cyber attacking Hilary Clinton’s election campaign. The United States has been opposing Russia in the latter’s approach to Syria.

Obama presidency
This famous stare down between Putin and Obama tells a lot about Russia-US relations

But the biggest foreign policy disappointment came from the China front. Earlier this year, China threatened US of a full scale war, in case the latter continued interfering in the South China Sea. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, that was supposed to balance the growing Chinese influence has come unstuck, too! The US Congress has refused to endorse it.

Experts believe that Mr. Obama thought that he would automatically improve relations with foreign countries. Obama believed that since he wasn’t Bush, that alone would be sufficient to promote American interests forward.

Domestically, Obama failed big time

On the home front, Mr. Obama failed to realize that “it’s the economy, stupid“. Espousal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement hurt the jobs of several white Americans. In Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, unemployment touched very high levels which led to a fraying of relations between the black and the white Americans.

Clearly, the Obama presidency has failed, and failed miserably.

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