Pathetic Sanitary Situation on Indian Highways

Nobody likes those boring flight trips in comparison with those amazing road trips with loved ones. Road trips enthrall us more than the railway or flight trips. But travelling in those state-owned buses are seemingly no less than a nightmare. Reason being these trips get more ‘adventurous’ when the bus drivers ask the ladies, disabled people or senior citizens ask to either “pee in the bushes” or hold onto it. For males, this “pee in the bushes” seems understandable. Relieve but spoil the nature; and hygiene, let’s not talk about that.

Even while travelling in the personal vehicles, the trips are equally ‘adventurous’ despite of the fact that petrol pumps have restrooms which are filthy and reek foul. Stops can be as per our convenience but those places are not available as per our convenience, and if they are there then the situation is indescribable.

Pathetic Sanitary Situation on Indian Highways
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You might be shocked to know the statistics issued by Times of India in the article “98% women travelers ask for more toilets on the Indian highways: Survey” on November 19, 2015 regarding the same by referring to the Holiday.IQ survey. 99% of the travelers from 80 cities of India affirmed that the tourist spots are in dire need of restrooms. However, it was Indian highways that topped the list of ‘toilets needed desperately’ with 85% of votes from men and 98% of females.

So someone attempted to raise a voice for this by asking Indian citizens to sign an online petition on “”. It has gotten an immense response within two months but still requires the response. This initiative is taken by N.V. Vasudeva Sharma, an activist from Bengaluru.

Mr. Sharma opined that

“Men never had a problem they just go behind the nearest tree and relieve themselves. Women are left with unhygienic or outright dangerous options like going into the nearby bushes, with strange men lurking around.” He asks “the government… to fix this huge problem with the Indian transport system.” He raises the question by saying, “what is the point of futuristic highways and smart cities if women can’t use these highways?”

Pathetic Sanitary Situation on Indian Highways
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However it’s not about constructing them merely, but about maintenance as well. There are sulabh toilets but even after paying INR 5, at times 10 as well for using those filthy unhygienic restrooms. But even after paying the hefty taxes, if one is still devoid of basic amenities, then where does the fault of the public lies?

Wouldn’t it be great if the government employs the startups in order to construct and maintain such basic necessity shops where one could attend the nature’s call hygienically along with some availability of refreshments and also launch an app where people could complain against any breach, and may be a group of people could survey regularly. This not only will help the public, but provide employment to people along with solving the problem.

Hope the readers fill this petition and may be helping those who cannot ‘adjust’ for 12 hours or so. The diseased, disabled, females and senior citizens this rallying cry might make it to the ears of the transport minister and might make our road trips indeed enthralling, instead of being a treasure hunt.

P.S. The link to the petition, fill it to make your smart city hygienic and convenient. A minute of yours can help a lot many people and make the trips way easier.

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