Raees trailer- Shahrukh Khan versus Nawazuddin, who wins?

The Raees trailer was officially launched by Shahrukh Khan today. A sneak peek into the trailer promises that the film is going to be a masala of thrill, pace, drama and a dash of glamour.

After an understated performance in Dear Zindagi, here comes King Khan , with all his guns blazing.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Majoomdar , the Gujarat cop who has sworn to get Raees Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) does not get  much screen space in the Raees trailer but, his understated performance sets you imagining about his role. Shahrukh of course, looks supremely fit in physique as well as in his clipped dialogues.

SRK has a new avatar in Raees – an underworld don with kajal lined eyes!

Raees trailer- Shahrukh Khan versus Nawazuddin, who wins?
Disntinct echo of Don? Image Source : YouTube

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, the Raees trailer  gives the indication that the movie seems to a be a distinct echo of Don.

The storyline is predictable- an underworld gangster who is the badshah of bootlegging and who holds the police force of Gujarat by its tails, an incorruptible cop and a sultry maiden who is all out to woo the don. Sparks follow! Of bullets as well as of romance. Mahira is the new discovery of Bollywood but  she would do well to make herself more at ease.

We wonder why Shahrukh donned this role. The intelligent actor that he is , why did he fall to the charms of mediocrity?

We wish Shahrukh Khan and his team all the best for Raees.


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