Ranveer Singh Talks On Virginity, See His Uncensored Condom TVC Now

Recently, Bajirao Mastani lead actor Ranveer Singh created massive headlines when he opened up about his virginity. Yes, you won’t believe that the handsome hunk has lost his virginity when he was just 12-year-old small boy.

In fact, he did everything at that age when other kids stay busy with books and lullabies. Ranveer Singh for the first time ever spoke everything about his virginity and s*x while talking to a nation’s leading daily. The news went viral across social media.

Ranveer Singh Has Lost His Virginity at Just 12

“I think I was around 12 when I did it. I started everything early, everything! I was way ahead — so much so, that in school all the mothers used to say he (Ranveer) is that rotten apple that’s spoiling all our kids,” said Ranveer Singh with a big smile on his face. He will soon feature in upcoming film Befikre as well.

Ranveer Singh Talks On Virginity, See His Condom Ad
(Image Source: Youngisthan)

Ranveer confessed that it was only curiosity that led to sex at such a young age. The flamboyant actor now also claims that he can even write a thesis on this subject. Ranveer Singh feels that as a society India has evolved leap and bounds and People’s attitude towards the subject has also changed, so full promotion of condoms across the country as a product can be done now unlike in the past.

Ranveer Singh also admitted that initially he was afraid to associate himself with condom TVC because not too many mainstream actors have ever advertised such products on screen. But Ranveer felt it was right time to do such advertisements and change the perception of the people about it who viewed it as taboo.

Ranveer Singh also revealed to media that he is open to do fully nude scene on screen. At a short span of Ranveer Singh has transformed himself not only as a character actor but male sex symbol too. He is often referred to as ‘Bollywood Casanova’.