Stop VIP Culture: Does Ravindra Gaikwad not deserve any action against him?

Chronicles of the Angry Politician: Ravindra Gaikwad explosion at Air India staff has shaken everyone. But we all knew that such behaviour by an Indian politician is not new.

VIP like Ravindra Gaikwad should be made accountable for their behaviour
Source : Business Line

As a society, we Indians like to think that we are a progressed nation, possessing all the qualities that civilized citizens possess and the perfect amount of civic sense.

Such fallacy. You see, the ground reality of the nation still remains in visible in the high headedness and superiority complex that is often displayed but the politicians here. Be it their expectation of being allowed to be let in on flights, despite having arrived after the closing of the boarding or misbehavior with air hostesses.

In the recent case, Ravindra Gaikwad, an MP from Shiv Sena decided to let out his fury at the airline staffer with help from his slippers.

VIP like Ravindra Gaikwad should be made accountable for their behaviour
Source : Deccan Chronicle

The outburst came upon being informed that his seat was booked in an all-economy flight. Despite his office being told that the flight did not have a business class, they opted for this flight and not the two other flight options. He reached the airport with a business class coupon, only to let loose his anger. He refused to leave the flight which needed to be dispatched and in a moment of passionate anger, took of his slippers and beat up one of the ground staffers who was requesting him to leave.

The staffer later informed ANI that the MP not just hit him but also ‘used foul language’, broke his specs and humiliated him in front of the whole crew.

The best part of the story, is yet to come, though.

It has been days and Mr. Ravindra Gaikwad continues to walk around the country freely. In a country that respects the freedom and the rights of the people, we happily allow those violating these very rights to be free while those who have suffered deal with the horrification of having been so publically humiliated. We put them up there, the government, the leaders, the enforcers, and so we expect them to respect us.

The actual disappointment for the citizens of this grand nation is the silence of the police, the government officials and even our respectful Lok Sabha Speaker.

Lo behold the leaders of a civilized nation, as we call it.

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