Rishikesh River Rafting, A fun-filled, adventure in the Spring of April

Rishikesh Trip, A fun-filled, adventure trip in the Spring of April

I forget my phone if I am enjoying the place. In April 2019, I went to Rishikesh on my last batch trip. I am a law student and these are the last 20 days of being in my college. After much deliberation and batch polls, all of us decided to go to Rishikesh Trip, the Yoga Capital of the World. Reaching there was not much of a problem since all the arrangements were done by us and we were all very comfortable being surrounded by each other.

Our stay was at Camp Majestic and most of the activities were planned by them. Camp Majestic is based in Shivpuri on a hill near to the river. it is secluded and has the most beautiful swimming pool as compared to the pools that I saw on the way to it.

Day 1 – A Trek to The Ganga and Jungles

After reaching there, we freshened up and went for a jungle trek with the camp guide Yogi Bhaiya. Now, the jungle was not much of a jungle it was kaddi patas growing here and there. Thousands of wildflowers here and there and a lot of bones were discovered. I sat next to the river which was loud enough to drown all the other sounds. There is something about flowing water which calms me down. But no matter how much anyone tells you to wear slippers carry floaters. Many of my batchmates lost their slippers on the trek and river crossing.

A trek to river Ganga on a shiny morning

On returning I just jumped into the pool alone and chilled under the starry sky, which comes as a luxury for us city-dwellers. After that, I huddled with my other batchmates around the bonfire and maybe danced a little too.

Day 2 – Rafting in the Ganga

The second day we went for rafting that was organized by Camp Majestic. Everybody came back safe but more thrilled than ever. We took 3 rafts and all of us had different stories to tell. People fell out of rafts and swam in Ganga and returned shivering. We were so happy and excited. All of us were safe and yet engulfed by adrenaline.

Rafting, as usual, was a thrilling affair. The people who opted for 16 km rafting had a chance to jump from cliffs. One of our batchmates even fell in a rapid. He was saved by the Ustaads.

Rishikesh River Rafting, A fun-filled, adventure in the Spring of April

After that, we changed and had our lunch and went back to Rishikesh city.
We were dropped at Lakshman Jhula and asked to report at 7 at the same point.

I spent most of this evening chilling in the German Bakery. We had pancakes, cold coffees, and freshly baked Cinnamon rolls.

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The streets of Rishikesh are peaceful and welcoming. Everyone was smiling and exchanging wishes. The whole city smells of incense and peace. It vibrates on the tune of bells and gongs.

My favorite part of Rishikesh Trip

My favorite part of the trip begun here. And no it was not shopping (maybe a little). Since the trip began my aim was to visit the Devraj’s German Bakery in Laxman Jhula because it held a place of my childhood.

They hadn’t changed. Their food and ambiance were still the same as it was 10 years ago. Langurs were still jumping outside the bakery fighting the monkeys. After that, I stopped at little shops to do some pajama shopping because they are the most comfortable here and bought solidified perfume for my mum.

Day three was our return

On our trip back we played dumb charades and songs. On half of the trip, all of us were slumbering. We even stopped for Wine, which well wants wine at all.

And I missed the highlights. The swimming pool. Me and my batch mates would jump in the pool at every time we had a window of half an hour. We spent a major part of the trip in the swimming pool. And I assure you that it was the best swimming pool in the whole of Shiv Puri.

Camp Majestic was amazing and so was Devraj German Bakery♥♥♥

When I woke up in the morning the next day, finding my tent to be lost. I woke up with a memory of a lifetime with my batchmates and friends.

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