Spicejet ad- Another Cheap Attempt at Attention-Seeking

To what extent can the companies go to simply grab the audience’s attention? Here is another cheap attempt by Spicejet to get attention. Read more.

Spicejet ad- Another Cheap Attempt at Attention-Seeking
Source: www.campaignindia.in

Hotstar came up with the advertisement where Vimla, Sushma, Jaya and Rekha use free Wi-Fi connectivity in the café house. The ad is a sheer case of ‘old wine, new bottle’. The women might dress fashionably and converse in fluent English- the stereotypical ‘modern’ women . Yet they were an update to the version of a typical gossip-loving women.

Haven’t seen the Hotstar ad, then have a look:

However, yet another ad follows. Spicejet’s new advertisement is nothing new. A ‘normal’ man with thick-rimmed glasses and regular looks. The models ready for the swimsuit surround (read: stand beside) the ‘normal’ man. “Sometimes it’s ‘ok’ to be cramped for space”, the tagline says. But it actually sounds like, “it’s good to savor the feel.” We are not denying the natural attraction towards someone. However, you might find the reason to show this particular scene a bit weird. This was just to project that the aviation company provides “extra legroom space”.

Here is Spicejet’s ad that enraged us,

And there is a thing like sensible ad as well…

Other aviation companies provide similar comforts. Nevertheless, their ad does not attempt cheap tricks to grab the attention. Look at Emirates A380 commercial with Jennifer Aniston in it. Even Vistara’s ad actually touches hearts, but not through cheap tricks. To many, this particular advertisement might be an eye candy, with hot white bodies (not models, but fair-complexion bodies) and delicious food served luxuriously. But it raises a few questions. Why are we not breaking the chasm of prejudices when we expect a change? When is the media going to grow up? When will we stop catering to cheap minds, instead of changing the purview of audience?

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