The Reality of Werewolves in India

Be it real or imagination; Lycanthrope or Werewolf represents an unearthly blend of human and wolf’s qualities. The faces of Werewolves resemble to that of wolf but their body and posture are similar to humans with 2 feet.

Some say the Werewolf is a creation of imagination and brainchild of few finest creative individuals. But few horrific cases of wolves’ menaces and killing of humans compel us to go few years back and understand it in detail.

The Werewolf Menace in India

The Reality of Werewolves In India
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Wolves usually avoid confronting humans but what happens to them on full moon’s nights that prompt them to kill humans? Both India and Wisconsin (USA) have been the victim of Werewolf’s attack in the past.

In 1878, British officials recorded more than 600 lives lost due to wolves’ attack at a village in Uttar Pradesh. The main victims were the infants and newly born kids. Similar type of dreaded incident followed many years later, when a pack of wolves or blood thirsty werewolves killed lots of toddlers creating a widespread panic in the locality in 1996. Villagers claimed that the predators were half-man and half-wolf creatures with black coats, helmet and an outrageous face. Several police investigations followed but there is still a degree of ambiguity whether the blood thirsty creatures were wolves or werewolves?

Top 5 Real Life Werewolves Incidents that Prove their Existence

The Reality of Werewolves in India
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1) In Bray Road near Delavan in the US, people saw a beast with two legs and wolf-like face. Last case of Werewolf appearance came in the year 1999, the details of which are yet to be disclosed by the police. It’s still a mystery!

2) The American state of Wisconsin has witnessed Werewolf on its streets quite a few times in 1936, 1964 and 1972.

3) The German city of Grefswald saw Werewolf menace in 1640. Their population grew so much that normal people feared moving out of homes at night.

4) Gilles Garnier, the cannibal and Werewolf, killed lots of children and ate them. He was burned to death in the year 1571 when people came to know about him.

5) The most brutal reality of werewolves’ existence is the “Wolves of Paris” incident. In 1450, a pack of man-eating wolves killed 40 people. This infuriated the crowd and they stoned these werewolves to death near Notre Dame Cathedral.

Werewolf : The Mystery Continues

The Reality of Werewolves in India
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Intrinsically, wolves are calm and peaceful. They don’t attack humans unless provoked. However, if ever you ever spot a wolf or werewolf anywhere simply walk away and don’t try to fight with it. Even now, no body knows whether the werewolf is a matter of Hollywood films only or is it beyond the realm of human understanding? Until then, the mystery continues.

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