Top 10 ways to Be Cool and Chilled All Summer

We all have been enjoying the amazing summer heat since a month now and here it is April melting away into May – Promising new peaks of heat waves in the coming months. The sun is everywhere supplying all of us with an over shower of Vitamin D, the tomatoes have become ripen and the coal tar has just begun to melt. The challenge is to not melt your own self away.

This is the time, when you must take advantage of the things around you. To help you do that here are some cool ideas to stay chilled all these summer months.

 cool ways

Create your very own portable bucket air conditioner right at home.

Kid’s fun bicycle wash– There is still a lot of summer left. It is the best time for your kids to sprinkle and splash into the pool. Why not make a DIY bicycle wash and let free the kids to have fun in it?

Top 10 ways to Be Cool and Chilled All Summer

Hit the pools with your family– Grab the kids and their mom,the Sunblock and DIVE IN ! Although a personal pool sounds better hitting the nearest beach is also a  good idea.
hit the pool with family this summer

Get yourself ice pops – Why not use your kitchen to your advantage. Make some homemade ice pops by filling them with fresh fruit juices?

ice pops for summer

Gorge into some icy drinks– Shake up your thirst with lemonades, ice teas, cocktails and some fizzy fruit juices.
summer icy drinks

Visit a hill station– The heart pangs longing to visit a mountain during this heated time. This longing soon transforms to be an obsession. Build up your temporary mountain abode for a cool summer time this year.
beat the heat

Give rounds to the nearest water park– Take your family and cool off at the city’s nearest water zone. Slides, water twisters, tubes, lazy river and paddle boating beats the heat out of you instantly.
water park in summer

Drink a lot of water to keep cool– When you feel your temperature rising, cool off with a lot of water intake. A natural detoxifier , a hydrater and a healthy companion to help you glide through the heat this summer.


Let lose with light summer clothes– Kick away the boots and strip out of your leggings.  Wear light colour fabric to keep yourself ventilated and cool.

light summer dress

Keep your thoughts cool– Like how you keep your  surroundings cool, keep your thoughts as well. Do everything  you want to do to keep the mind at bliss.

keep cool
As the mercury keeps rising the last thing one wants is to eat. However, small light food along with a lot of fluids can keep the system clean and cool. Go ahead and do these top 10 ways to Be Cool and Chilled All Summer. But, Remember the best place to begin the chilling process is the core – and that means YOU !

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