Twinkle Khanna Slams Misogynists in a Unique Way!

Nobody could master the art of writing livid issues as beautifully as Twinkle Khanna does. Her weekly column in Times of India, India’s leading daily, is being read by millions of readers across the world. These often carry powerful message concerning the society.

Her recent column published under the penname Mrs. Funnybones took a jibe at all men, women and sections of the society who still perceive women as inferior to men just because of their biological factors and appearance.

The flamboyant actress/columnist grabbed the attention of the readers and fans towards the misogynistic attitudes prevailing across the globe. Any rational person won’t disagree with Twinkle Khanna. She mentioned a lot of real life examples how women are repeatedly insulted by way of demeaning their femininity.

Twinkle Khanna Slams Misogynists in a Unique Way!
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We are living in a modern world yet women are not liberated from the deep-rooted misogynistic perception. In fact, Twinkle Khanna exposed the dubious face of cosmopolitan culture as well. She explained in her column that how Serena Williams with 22 Grand Slam titles to her credit is often googled by perverted minds for her unintentional nip-slip or upskirt pictures.


Then Twinkle Khanna asked what’s wrong if she searches a picture of Leander Paes’s topless pictures? In her own words she wrote, “Not yet, I’m trying to find a picture of Leander Paes’ nipples”, when her husband (Akshay Kumar) asked her to come for a dinner.

Twinkle Khanna Takes On Misogynistic Attitudes

Twinkle Khanna also slammed the way UK political parties are questioning over newly elected Prime Minister, Theresa May’s leadership skills, since she is not a mother? The roots of misogynistic thinking are there in developed countries too!

Twinkle Khanna Slams Misogynists in a Unique Way!
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Twinkle Khanna also ranted against unwanted controversies over Union Minister Smriti Irani’s transfer to Textile ministry. The ‘Mela’ actress asked that even Venkkaia Naidu got Arun Jaitley’s I& B Ministry and Jayanat Sinha moved from finance to aviation, yet what created headlines was ‘Smriti Irani. Why? Just because she is a woman!

Finally, Mrs. Funnybone concluded her article with a beautiful thought,

Women have been looking for a cape and have been handed an apron for centuries, and it is only now that we have learned to swing the apron around, let it flutter down our backs so that we can soar through the blue skies. And fly we will and must, even if the world seeks to tie us down with their squalid shackles of sneers.