US Presidential Election : Is it Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Poll-bound USA is just standing a couple of months away from electing its new boss at the 45th US Presidential Election. Interestingly, there is no trace of anti-incumbency factor across the American states even though the Democrats are in-charge of the Obama-led administration since 2008.

It won’t be wrong to say that the Democrats have played masterstroke by placing the current Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton, in the race. She has been already appointed as the official US Presidential nominee of the Democrats Party in the upcoming election. She is at loggerhead against the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Obama and Hillary Trending on Interent is Most Crazy Thing

Both Trump and Hillary Clinton have different persona altogether. On one hand, we have firebrand leader like Trump who speaks whatever he wishes to. He is a bohemian as frank and candid that you hardly come across a Political arena. Contrarily, Hillary Clinton is suave, experienced, calm and diplomatic. She won’t open up much to the people unless needed.

Who is India Rooting for At the Upcoming 45th US Presidential Election?

Donald Trump, hailing from a business background, is certainly in the eye of the storms now. He raked up many controversial issues on women, Islam and immigration, which didn’t go down well with people across India and the world.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton handled her election campaigns to disseminate her future policies in a subtle manner. In the history of US politics, no woman candidate had ever been elected to president’s throne ever. Therefore Hillary Clinton is having a golden chance to create history. Even in a far off country like India, people are rooting more for Hillary Clinton.

US Presidential Election : Is it Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
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Many experts feel that Hillary is well experienced and her policies are clear. But Trump is an unknown political person. He has no political background. There is a certain degree of ambiguity in his foreign policy stance since he is untested.

If Trump Wins the Forthcoming US President Election

From hindsightit seems that Trump will largely focus towards revamping the US economy which is just on the verge of gaining momentum. His spotlight on foreign policy will be towards thwarting the Islamic State – Trump and the Republican Party has a tough stance on terrorism. Yet his staunch opposition to immigration to the US and Islamophobia could be really cumbersome. India with its huge Muslim population can’t hold with Trump’s rhetoric.

However, if he wins there will be less interference in our internal affairs – Democrats often lecture Indian government on sorting out Kashmir issue – but it comes down with Republican Administration in the US. Similarly, on the terror front, Trump could be more effective than Clinton. Trump will try to check that nefarious Pakistan-China nexus, which indirectly endorses terrorism in the region.

If Hillary Wins the Forthcoming US Presidential Election

If Hillary Clinton becomes the next US President then it will be easier for India to carry on its diplomatic relations with the USA. She is someone who is a liberalist and pragmatist with astute political knowledge.

According to John Podesta, Chairman of Ms.Clinton’s campaign committee,

“If Hillary wins; she will take relations with India to a new level and better economic and strategic ties. I am sure she will take it forward as president, as Obama has done. It all began with President Bill Clinton around 2 decades back, who transformed India-USA relationship with a historic visit”.

Whoever Wins US Presidential Election

From Indian perspective, it is ultimately the choice of American people. India will work closely with whoever becomes president and wins the upcoming US Presidential Election. If Trump wins, then obviously India will start afresh and explore more. Either way, India-US ties are expected to improve more in the coming years because both Hillary and Trump knows that if India is an important economic and strategic partner to maintain tranquility in South Asia while upholding its tenets of equality, peace, human rights and democracy intact.  

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