Writer’s Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. You can submit a maximum of 2 articles in a day.
  2. The contents must be well-researched, original and non-plagiarized. It shouldn’t have published anywhere else by the contributor.
  3. The content should contain rich valuable information and easy to read for ensuring an excellent reading experience for our readers.
  4. If the post doesn’t meet our standard or expectation, it may get rejected.
  5. You’re requested to share your published article as much as possible in your social media to make your posts popular.

How to Apply?

To apply to www.socialchumbak.com, follow the following steps:

  1. Mail your resume along with sample articles to SocialChumbak@gmail.com
  2. Or reach out to us by filling your details here.

We will review your application. Post completion of the hiring process we will create an account for you on www.socialchumbak.com. You will receive your credential via an automated email in your inbox (do check your spam folder too).

How to Start Writing?

Once the registration is done, you can submit your posts to www.socialchumbak.com. Follow the step by step procedure given below.

  1. Click here to login into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. To post a new post, click on the Post
  3. Then click on the Add New
  4. Paste the title, you chose from the datasheet. Use the exact title.
  5. Do required changes for SEO optimization like setting keywords, meta description, adding images with alt text, etc.
  6. Click on Save as Draft.
  7. Submit your post in the space provided.
  8. Once the post is ready for review, click on the button, Submit for Review.
  9. Once you submit for review, you cannot re-edit your post again till our editors resend you back for rewrite or modifications (if required).

Format for the Blog Post

To know about the format of the posts, follow the various posts given in the website, www.socialchumbak.com.

Writer's guidelines for blog post
Image by Suomy Nona from Pixabay

Also, below are the recommendation for a good SEO score. It is mandatory to follow them and have an 80+ SEO score.

  1. Post must have a minimum of 600 words.
  2. The introduction should contain approx 100 words.
  3. Use small sentences of 20 words. Sentences should be easy to read. The readability index of the articles must be above 60 percent.
  4. Use small paragraph of 7-10 sentences.
  5. Focus Keyword should appear in the SEO title. Make sure the focus keyword appears in the SEO post title too.
  6. Focus Keyword should appear in your SEO Meta Description. Make sure the focus keyword appears in the SEO description too.
  7. Use Focus Keyword in the URL. Include the focus keyword in the slug (permalink) of the post.
  8. Use Focus Keyword at the beginning of your content. The first 10% of the content should contain the Focus Keyword preferably at the beginning.
  9. Use Focus Keyword in the content. It is recommended to make the focus keyword appear in the post content too.
  10. Use Focus Keyword in subheading(s) like H2, H3, H4, etc.. It is recommended to add the focus keyword as part of one or more subheadings in the content.
  11. Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.