Aamir Khan – From fat to fit; This Dangal teaser will inspire you

Transformation of Aamir Khan from fat to fit in Dangal Teaser
Credits- YouTube

Aamir Khan has rightly earned the sobriquet “Mr. Perfectionist”. The actor who set several hearts aflutter in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in 1988 , has come a long way in his journey as an actor who  will do everything to lend authenticity to his roles.

In his latest film, DangalAamir Khan literally gets under the skin of his character . His role is that of a doting father who would do all that a father can to inspire his kids become world class athletes. Father Aamir is a former wrestler in this film.

The Ghajini actor had to gorge on sinful food to acquire the hulk of a 90 kilo wrestler in Dangal to lend credibility to his role.

Says Nitish Tiwari,the director of the movie, “Aamir Khan sir’s dedication has to be seen to be believed. To regain his former body structure and weight, he had to undergo a rigorous diet and exercise regime.”

This video shows how Khan pushed himself to regain his fitter self with support from Kiran, his trainer and friends.

Watch Aamir Khan’s Transformation in Dangal Teaser

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