Akshay Kumar Donated Rs. 80 Lakhs to the Indian Army Jawans

We all know how kind-hearted is our Rustom of Bollywood Akshay Kumar. He never hesitate or think twice from helping the needy one. In past he has extend his helping hand to the drought hit farmers of Maharashtra. Whole country was talking about it, But it was the Akki who acted and extend his help for the poor farmers.

At that time Akshay Kumar donated Rs. 90 lakhs to help drought hit farmers.

Akshay Kumar Donated Rs. 80 Lakhs to the Indian Army Jawans
Source : hindustantimes

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Recently Akshay Kumar went to promote his film Rustom  among Indian Army Jawans. And here also he didn’t hesitated in helping our soldiers and their families. Reportedly he donated Rs. 5 lakh to each of the Jawan’s family.

In total he donated Rs. 80 lakhs among Indian Army Jawans.

When asked about his noble gesture, Akshay Kumar, who avoid talking about his humane qualities said that –

“They are decorated with lot of medals and that is good. But I looked at their faces. The samman was required for them but they need money too. You have to be practical. I thought how about giving them money and that is when I decided to give 5 lakhs to each family.”


He emphasized that people should come forward and help every needy person whenever required.

Akshay, indeed you are our true hero. #SALUTE

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