Dear Zindagi : Teaser of The Making : Alia Takes Over as DOP

Dear Zindagi
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Dear Zindagi, the latest offering from Red Chillies Entertainment is already making a splash. And how! Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt, Dear Zindagi has hit upon a unique marketing campaign. Unlike other movies with elaborate marketing promotional plan, this latest Shah Rukh starrer is banking upon a simple marketing tactic- teasers!

Alia is still somewhat of a newcomer in Bollywood and working with King Khan can be “intimidating”. However, the teasers display how SRK goes all the way to make Bhatt comfortable. And he comes out all tops in his endeavour, we must say.

Alia becomes a rookie DOP in this Dear Zindagi teaser. She sets the camera angles, pans the cameras out, and does all kinds of stuff that a DOP does. “Cut” and “Action” seem to come to her easily as she sits in the chair meant for the Director of Production.

Have a look at this video of Alia taking on her role as the DOP very seriously…

Did she like this experience? “Well”, says the latest Bollywood sensation, “it is only after I got to wield the camera that I became aware of how difficult this task is.” Continuing further, she says ,”Every time I ended a shoot, I would find my shoulders jammed, so the masseurs came in to massage them well enough so that I could work again. Now I realise how difficult is a DOP’s work!”

Gauri Shinde, director of Dear Zindagi is sure impressed by Alia Bhatt. “She is very particular about her visuals, and we wanted her as a DOP to understand her perspective while making the  film”, Gauri says in the teaser. Alia’s fellow actors are amused by her role as well. There is a lot of ribbing among Alia and her team members on the sets of this movie which hits the box office. Release dates are November 23 this year in the United States and November 25 for the rest of the world.

King Khan, a master marketer of not just his movies but also of his other ventures, is using this teaser as his film promo. Unlike the other producers who believe in elaborate marketing promos, SRK is clear that his teaser is going to be the Dear Zindagi promo and nothing else.

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