The Queen Kangana Ranaut goes on Silence fast

The Queen Kangana Ranaut goes on Silence fast

Kangana Ranaut, the queen has decided to go on a Silent fast! After making noise against many celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Hritik Roshan and Aditiya Pancholi, Kangana Ranaut has decided to go on 10 days silence or Maun Vart”. She has decided to gifting herself a spot in a yoga camp in Coimbatore. As part of this, she will be observing ten days of silence.

After making noise, Kangana Ranaut gifting herself 10 days of silence
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Kangana will be turning 32 on 23rd March and as per herself, this Yoga Retreat will be a birthday gift to herself. This news might have come across as a relief in disguise for some actors. Kangana is known for being very public and vocal about her thoughts. It would have been better if she had kept a filter on her comments while speaking about other Bollywood actors, as it would have given some peace to them also.

Speaking to tabloid Mumbai Mirror, Kangana Ranaut said:

“I have been practising yoga since I was around 16-17. The program I am about to attend is an advanced one. I had been meaning to do this for a while now. This year, it happened to fall close to my birthday. Ten days of silence is a big commitment, but I wanted it to be a birthday present for myself.”

Her birthday celebrations are unconventional in manner. Being a bold and vocal personality, Kangana likes to celebrate her birthday quietly. Like last year she spent her birthday in Manali with her family and close friends. She planted 31 trees near her home in Manali marking her 31st birthday.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Manikarnika actress criticized Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor for keeping silence on national politics.

After making noise, Kangana Ranaut gifting herself 10 days of silence
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She specifically named Ranbir Kapoor and called him an ‘irresponsible citizen’. She said:

“Many people feel that I want to enter politics but that’s not true. There are few actors in our industry like Ranbir Kapoor where he has been seen talking in an interview that ‘We have regular supply of water and electricity at my home so, why should I comment about politics?’ But I feel because of this country’s people you are living in your luxurious home and you are travelling in your Mercedes so, how can you talk like that? This is irresponsible behaviour and I am not that kind of person,”

She further said:

“I feel you shouldn’t distance yourself from issues of the country. In a democracy, you should speak about how the government has performed and also speak about your political inclination as a youth of this country. You cannot say why should I talk about politics when I get all the facilities. I don’t understand why they think of their career so much that they don’t have anything to do with their own country?”

After speaking so much, Kangana has finally decided to keep quiet for some time. Hope she will resolve her failure and her fights within the Bollywood. We hope after her “Maun Vart” is over, Kangana will be a more calm, composed person. She might also learn a thing or two about being subtle in her comments and not lashing out other industry stars.

We wish her all the peace and calm for this endeavor!

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