Les Twins win NBC’s World of Dance season 1

Les Twins win NBC’s World of Dance season 1

Today is the 44th Birth Anniversary of Hip Hop. This dance form took birth along with the Hip Hop music and was developed by Afro Americans. The free and casual style took everyone by surprise. Nowadays Hip Hop is one of the most popular dance styles around the world.

While dance lovers are celebrating Hip Hop anniversary, Les twins have just won maiden edition of NBC’s World of Dance Season 1.

This show is believed to be the world’s largest dance reality show. It was hosted by Jenna Dewan Tatum and the jury consisted of Jennifer Lopez (Executive Producer of the show), Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough.

Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois popularly known as Les Twins took away the first prize in NBC’s World of Dance Season 1.

Scoring 93.8 in the Finale Les Twins beat their opponent Eva Igo by 0.6 marks. The prize money for the winners is a whopping 1 Million Dollars.

Les Twins were born in Sarcelles, France and started their career as dancers in the streets of Paris, thus gaining fame through their Hip Hop dance videos on YouTube. They are self-taught dancers besides that they have won the Hip Hop New Style division at Juste Debout in 2011. The Twins have also performed with Beyoncé in the same year in Billboard Music Awards and her tours, Michael Jackson in his “Immortal world Tour”, Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Missy Eliot.

Apart from their passion for the dance they also maintain a successful career in modeling. The Les Twins are one of the most notable performers in the dance industry. They also do club shows, theater, fashion shows, music videos and, teach their original choreography around the world.

The songs to in their finale were: Steal the Show by Kygo and Scream by Michael Jackson.

Watch Les Twins winning Hip Hop dance video

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