Notebook Movie Review: Salman Khan bring an unusual love story

Notebook, is an unusual love story based in the beautiful Kashmir. The film is directed by Nitin Kakkar, starring debutant Pranutan Bahl and Zaheer Iqbal. The movie is based on Thai film: A Teacher’s Diary.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Notebook Movie Review: Salman Khan bring an unusual love story
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The Plot

Firdaus’s (Pranutan Bahl), who was working as a school teacher in a floating school on a lake in Kashmir. She had a very warm bond with her pupils because of the kindness with which she delt with them. While teaching, she noted her methods and experiences in a diary. While leaving school, she forgets her diary in the school’s desk drawer.

Kabir Kaul (Zaheer Iqbal), an ex-army officer and a Kashmiri Pandit, decides to join his father’s school as a replacement teacher. Kids do not accept their new teacher Kabir. With no teaching experience Kabir tries everything he can to win the hearts of kids but in vain. One fine day he find Firdaus’s (Pranutan Bahl) diary. Each page of diary help him learn new help him win the children. He falls in love with Firdaus too. He keep writing his experiences and feelings for Firdaus in the empty pages of the diary.

But here comes the twist. Now it was the time for Kabir to leave the school. While Firdaus re-joins the school.

Firdaus found her diary in the same drawer with some newly written pages by Kabir. Each page expressing Kabir’s feeling for Firdaus. She instantly fell in love with Kabir.

An unusual one sided love story where both co-star almost haven’t shared the screen space till very end. Movie shows emotions of individual love story in the beautiful scenic Kashmir.

The Cast

Nitin Kakkar beautifully portrayed both love stories, innocence of new love birds, laughter of kids and the beauty of Kashmir.

Kudos to director of photography Manoj Kumar Khatoi for beautiful canvas of Kashmir. Literally each frame of Notebook is nothing less than a painting.

Notebook Movie Review: Salman Khan bring an unusual love story
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Despite a debut film, both Zaheer Iqbal (Kabeer Kaul) and Pranutan Bahl (Firdaus) do not disappoint us. They successfully portrayed the simplicity and innocence of their characters.

Music is decent with some good sountracks and soothing melodies.

With a sunami of patriotic, biopics and war based action movies, Notebook is a refreshing breath of air in the form of a romantic movie. With some shortcomings, enjoys this picture perfect paranoma of Kashmir during this weekend.

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