No need to #ShameOnYouKaranJohar says Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter war

After his infamous interview with Hardik Pandeya, Karan Johar has successfully landed himself in another shit-storm #ShameOnYouKaranJohar.

Film Maker Karan Johar accidentally liked a tweet made by a user who doesn’t really like Shah Rukh Khan. The tweet compares Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero to Akshay Kumar’s Kesari. Kesari released on Holi this year and made quite a noise about a historical war between 21 Sikhs and 10000 Afghans. Kesari blew the box-office on the release date. And as compared to that, King Khan’s movie Zero did not do well.

No need to #ShameOnYouKaranJohar says Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter war
Image Source: India Today

KJo liked an offensive tweet against SRK and led to the trending #ShameOnYouKaranJohar. As soon as he realized this he removed the like.

Twitter users tweeted trending #ShameOnYouKaranJohar

After this mishap, Karan Johar tweeted,

Hell broke loose when SRK tweeted,

Replying to which KJO tweeted,

SRK Fans, please forgive KJO

Post this twitter is full of abusive tweets trending #ShameOnYouKaranJohar. The poor chap might have been strolling through his feed and laughing on the tweets and accidentally liked it. Like SRK said, he has fat-fingers. Or might be the Holi hangover. People will always make a comparison. KJO is also a human. And he might have made an honest mistake. Both movies are incomparable. One was made for purely for entertainment basis, and the other was made on a true war story.

How do we know it wasn’t a post-Holi banter between two friends? We have known SRK and KJO’s friendship from the beginning of their careers. Who knows KJO might have been laughing and pulling SRK’s leg with a harmless like. Their friendship has stood the test of time. And we do not come across such friendships, so let’s just leave them alone.

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