NYAY Scheme: Rahul Gandhi hit wicket Congress’s chance in Election 2019

Rahul Gandhi recently NYAY Scheme (Nyuntam Aay Yojna or Minimum Income Scheme ) for the poor. He has proposed to give Rs. 72,000 in a year to families who earn less than 12,000 per month. Of course, you and I need to vote this party to power before reaping this ‘benefit’.

No doubt, a very lucrative scheme. But Rahul Gandhi needs to top up his brain with some intelligence and basic understanding of economics. His 49-year old brain cannot understand the basics of this feather-brained scheme called NYAY either. But, first the basics.

NYAY Scheme: Rahul Gandhi hit wicket Congress's chance in Election 2019
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What is NYAY Scheme?

Nyay is about providing a minimum income guarantee to the poorest of the poor Indians.

  • Applicable to all those families which earn less than 12,000 per month.
  • You are a male and heading the family that earns less than 12K, then you will not get the money. Instead, the money will be transferred into his wife’s account.
  • An individual person earning less than 12K will not get the benefit.
  • Cash deposits in the bank accounts.
  • The number of such families is 5 crores. It will affect 25 crore peoples.
  • NYAY need provision of 3.6 lakh crore. It is over and above 3.4 lakh crore provisioned for current subsidies by Modi government.

A Top Up scheme by RaGa

If implemented, it will be 2% of GDP and 13% of the budget.

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Rahul Gandhi calls this scheme as basically a top-up scheme. Seems Pappu is greatly inspired by the sundry ‘top-up’ plans rolled by the mobile companies.

Congress will launch the final ‘surgical strike’ on poverty. All those 5 crore families will cross the poverty line because of this ‘shock and awe’ scheme.

RaGa spoke with dead seriousness.

Utter Confusion

Now here is some confusion. The right-hand man of Gandhi, Randeep Singh Surjewala clarified that this scheme is ‘not a top up’ scheme. Every family that earns less than 12,000 a month will get 72,000 annually. So, even if you earned Rs. 11,999/-, you would still get those 6k rupees.

If this isn’t a classic case of confusion, then what else is?

So, what happens to all those subsidies and benefits that India’s poor are getting right now. Will they continue or not?

NYAY is basically ANYAY

NYAY Scheme: Rahul Gandhi hit wicket Congress's chance in Election 2019

An attack on budget of Tax Payer

Housewives who are running their households on a tight budget will flinch at this scheme. There will be additional tax (direct or indirect) of 16% on every This means that if your hubby is earning Rs. 100 per month, he will have to pay Rs. 16 to all those extremely poor ( i.e. 5% families).

End of existing subsidies and public welfare schemes

Forget your child’s education plans, your pension budget, medical insurance, life insurance etc. Your plans for leading a quality life go out of the window with this stupid scheme.

Assured hike in prices of daily commodities

Be prepared to pay much more for petrol, food and other essential items once this scheme comes into play. Since there will be a large number of people ( 5 crore families ) getting Rs. 72,000 no questions asked, there will be a mad scramble for all those products that I and you buy daily.

A mouse trap for common man

As they say, you can find free cheese only in a mousetrap. In this case, there are two mice. The first one runs away with the cheese while the second one, “the taxpayer” are left funding Pappu’s puerile scheme. Be prepared to face an additional debt of Rs. 1.4 lacs should Rahul and his party come to power.

Read this article from Sify to understand the impact. This is what will happen to our national economy should Pappu and his gang implemented this scheme.

Will it end poverty? Answer is NO

But what about all those smiling folks who get free money in their banks without even lifting their fingers?

Instead of making poor skillful, Pappu is passing freebees. When someone will get money without working why he would like to work? It’s just like the reservation which is eating our country like a termite. Many of them would most probably burn all those funds on liquor and gambling. There would be no incentive for them to improve their lot.

A poor shot selection by Rahul Gandhi

NYAY Scheme: Rahul Gandhi hit wicket Congress's chance in Election 2019
Image Source: New Indian Express

Many are calling NYAY Scheme a masterstroke by Rahul Gandhi. Actually, he has hit wicket himself. As a tax paying citizen, I am not at all surprised at this ‘top-up’ scheme. Congress knows it cannot win these elections. Therefore it needs to come up with something dramatic.

Rahul Gandhi thinks that by repeating his party’s 50-year-old slogan of “Garibi Hatao”, he can get handsome returns in 2019 elections.

NYAY – Assurance of Congress defeat in Elections 2019

But this time around, no amount of promises can help the Congress get past 100 seats, leave alone form the government at the Centre. The Congress is in shambles. The party is avoided like plague by regional parties like Trinamool, Samajwadi, Party and Bahujan Samaj Party. These three parties account for 120 seats in the Lok Sabha ( less than 20% representation).

Would Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee, and Akhilesh Yadav be impressed by this NYAY scheme? I don’t think so. Congress will perform miserably yet again in these elections. People hardly care about the promises of this corrupt party which has made the lives of ordinary Indians miserable all these years.

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