Pulwama Terror Attack: Hold Accountability and take SERIOUS action, Mr. Modi

Pulwama Terror Attack: Hold Accountability and take SERIOUS action, Mr. Modi

The Pulwama terror attack has done what no political party has managed to do- unite the political parties and nation.

Pulwama Terror Attack: Held Accountability and take SERIOUS action Mr Modi
Image Source: catchnews, 44 soldiers martyred and several were wounded in the Pulwama terror attack

India erupts

India exploded like a volcano after 44 CRPF personnel lost their lives in a suicide bombing in Pulwama, Jammu Kashmir. As a result, many soldiers were also wounded.

As the news of this terror attack in Pulwama filtered out, the country stopped in its tracks. Corporate honchos, film stars, cricketers, businessmen, farmers and the man on the street were left numbed at the scale of the casualties. After the country ingested what had really happened in remote Pulwama, it exploded into a frenzy forcing the government to react. It promptly withdrew the Most Favored Status from Pakistan. Too late, too little.

I don’t think that we were ready for Pulwama. The ‘How’s the josh?’ jumla had lulled Indians, the government and the forces into a false sense of complacency. For the past few weeks, we were being treated to inanities by the BJP spokesperson about the number of terrorists being neutralized by the security forces.

The standard refrain of the sarkari spokesperson was-‘There has been no major terrorist incident since 2014 in Kashmir’. How myopic could they be!

The Sambit Patras of the BJP forgot the monumental failure of the Indian State in the Uri and Pathankot attacks! For the spokesperson of the government and the party, any single terrorist incident was worthy of a whitewash.

The only standard that mattered ( and it still matters) was how much better the NDA government is in comparison to the UPA dispensation. It actually never minded the intermittent incidents of stranded army soldiers being kidnapped and later slaughtered in cold blood by the terrorists!

Meanwhile, Adil Ahmad Dar was preparing himself for that suicide mission…

Having vented our frustration, it is time to examine certain facts objectively.

Hopefully, this will give our readers some perspective before they form their opinions.

  1. Kashmir is not a political issue; it has a religious slant. That man in the valley hates India because his religion ordains him to fight the kafir i.e.India.
  2. Pakistan has successfully injected the idea of separatism in the minds of the Kashmiri Muslims. Terrorism in the valley now has a local hue and character.
  3. The two main political parties of the valley- the PDP and the NC- are anything but the political face of separatism and terrorism. Their leadership would be wiped out overnight if they said anything that went against the idea of separatism.
  4. It is futile to fight terrorism in Kashmir without doing away with the curse of Article 370.
  5. There was religious balance till exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the early 90s. In the past, the Modi government promised to bring back Kashmiri Pandits into the valley. But, nothing concrete has been done so far. To bring back the peace and harmony in the valley, India should bring back its original residents. Till then India cannot hope to cut off the supply lines of the terrorism from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Pulwama Terror Attack- some bitter facts

Now, let us chew on some really hard and bitter facts in the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack.

There shouldn’t be any holy cow when it comes to the matters of national security. I am talking about Ajit Doval, the current National Security Advisor.

Currently, he is the second most powerful man in India after Narendra Modi with regard to our security setup. He can summon the three service chiefs and order them to do his bidding. Doval’s word is the final one when it comes to national security.

Mr. Doval, I must say, has miserably failed as the NSA to the Indian government.

  • Pathankot and Uri happened during his watchmanship and so did Pulwama.
  • Mr Doval was the head of the Intelligence Bureau when the Kandahar hijacking took place.

The then government of India had to meekly release Masood Azhar from jail in order to gain the freedom of our airline passengers. This Masood went on to found the dreaded Jaish-e-Mohammad which carried out the Pulwama ambush!

Even as I write this, I cannot bring myself to the fact that Mr Doval did not know about Dar and his fellow ambushers! That too when Jesh released a video just 2 days before the heinous act.

Terrorist bought 100 kilograms of explosives, processed it, loaded it in a vehicle, went past thru all police checks. were being packed in a car. And Mr Doval did not know!

That gun-wielding terrorists were staking the busy Jammu-Srinagar highway and Mr Doval did not know!

That 2,400 CRPF personnel were embarking on a risky journey and exposing themselves to the terrorists, and Mr Doval did not know!

And if he did know, then what actions did the NSA take to prevent the Pulwama terror attack?

Sadly, Mr Doval’s career has been one of extreme ineptitude.

Had Mr Doval been working in a corporate environment, he would have been sacked immediately. But he continues to occupy the topmost chair in our security setup.

The way forward

So, what should be the way forward?

Frankly speaking, we as common citizens we don’t know. We are tired of watching our soldiers die needlessly. We Indians send them to our borders to protect us and not be blown to smithereens by Islamic Jehadis.

And it is the job of the Bharat sarkar to make the jobs of our soldiers easier.

Held people accountable

We at Social Chumbak believe that the way forward is to have the right people in the right positions. Fix accountability and sack the incompetent babus. There are enough competent people out there who can manage our national security efficiently.

Politics of appeasement has to stop

We also feel that still there is a politics of appeasement. Appease people of a certain religion, political parties based on their cast, creed and religion on the price of national security and integrity. These people keep questioning our security forces, support and sympathize terrorists. These anti-national elements contribute to weakening government agenda and policies to strengthen Indian sovereignty. This also lowers the morale of our armed forces and create a bad image for our country. The government should bring strict laws on an immediate basis to stop such people.

Change has to begin from the top.

Jai Hind!!

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