Without saying “I LOVE YOU”, 5 ways to show your love

“I love you” simply slips off our tongue. Most of the times, every pleasant surprise is reverted with I love you. When someone gifts me a huge chocolate bar, I jump to hug them and the three words just roll out. This simply show your love for me.

But you know what, when I eavesdrop in a couple’s conversation and ‘Love you’ is uttered, sarcastic smile is my reaction. Thought that runs on my mind is, “as if you actually do love that person.”

So the question, “how can I believe that you love me?” asked by a girl to her partner seems justified.

Without Saying "I love you", 5 ways to show your love
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But a girl doesn’t need those expensive gifts or her partner jumping off the cliff to prove it. So how to express the true emotions without saying those three words.

Your 5 simple gestures which show your love

  • Time… The moment when a guy simply stays with her. Just to talk, or sit with her or simply listen to her. That’s the moment we know this guy is a gem. In this busy world, when someone just stays with us, that’s enough proof.
Without saying "I love you", 5 ways to show your love
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  • When you acknowledge your relationship publicly, that simple gesture proves that you respect the relationship. You might feel anxious about meeting their family and friends. But it is simply surreal that you are taking ‘us’ a step ahead.
  • The moment you listen carefully and even resolve the issue is enough for us. Remembering even the slip of a tongue tells how much she matters to you. Listening intently proves that the guy loves her. Else even we girls don’t attend to everyone 😛
Without Saying "I love you", 5 ways to show your love
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  • When intertwining of fingers or kiss on forehead become more important than making out, we know it. Love sprinkled with feeling of lust is amazing. But pure lust is not done. We want a guy who wants us and is not just fooling around.
Without Saying "I love you", 5 ways to show your love
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  • The smile on the face reveals a lot. When a guy laughs a lot or smile and even giggles (yes guys do giggle…) when his girl is around. It gets easy to gauge your excitement about the relationship.

However, remember one thing, trust is extremely important in any relationship. Her insecurities are valid but never let this trample your self-respect. Don’t go out of the way to prove your love, just be yourself. She loves you for who you are, so just show her that you mean each said and unsaid “I LOVE YOU”.

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