5th Grader’s Love Letter Redefines Romance is Cutest Thing Ever


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This will not only remind the Pepperidge farm but everyone out there, that true love does exist.

So take your notebooks out, folks. Oh, and let me tell you about our professor. Actually, I don’t know much about our anonymous professor yet. I surely can tell you about his qualifications, though, he is a Fifth grader. Yes, you heard me right. A Fifth grader. What you will be reading next, will surely qualify him as a romance expert too. It’s a Reddit post of a handwritten love letter by a Fifth grader to one of his batch-mates.

Within no time the post by a fascinated uncle of the lady love of this fifth grader became a hit.

And that’s how his caption to the post reads:

“My niece is in 5th grade and got her first love note. This 5th grader has more game than I’ll ever have.”

And surely the lad looks like having more game than any of us ever will have.

Anyway, let’s move on to the gem, the letter.

Read it again.

The handwriting might be a fifth grader, but words tell a different story.
We can read it a whole day and we just won’t get enough out of this. Reading this is more melodious than any love song you will listen to. We thought we are smarter than any Fifth grader. But I guess not in a case of love letters.

I mean seriously! the innocence in each word of this letter, doesn’t just melt your heart?

Courtesy: Tumblr
Courtesy: Tumblr

Let’s look at this letter a little closer.

“Dear Abby,

Your eyes remind me of the evening sky….”

Did you read this? This comes from a little boy who is probably not even twelve. One might assume that he mentions the evening sky because he plays out at that particular hour. Or maybe he did mean what our ‘great’ adult minds think. But, hell, this sounds super romantic. He can give those romance scriptwriters a good run for their money. Oh, and I am already feeling the threat to my writing post too.

My heart felt like a broken glass until I saw you, and then, I felt like I had every Pokémon ever.

Aww! Although the name of this undisclosed writer is kept under wraps. Though initial ‘W’ is visible. As most of the comments to the post pointed to that, his name might turn out to be William Shakespeare. Don’t ignore the Pokémon. For a line that he starts with such a charm, he ends it with this innocent killer. This is one lucky girl. 

‘No matter what people think about you, you will always be loved.’ Could there be any better way to make a girl feel more loved? This little guy has all the armors ready. Just read this and appreciate.

I love how you play Zelda even when people think it’s wierd”

I am not sure about ‘The Legend of Zelda’ but this letter will make him a legend. And the ‘wierd’ part, it is just cute misspell like that. I am glad that handwritten letters don’t have to autocorrect check.

“If you liked me it would be my first ever victory.”

Honestly, it doesn’t look like that it will be his last victory either. This guy has already won many hearts, and I guess he shouldn’t have any problems winning the girls too. Kudos to this kid Shakespeare. We pray and hope for your ‘victory’.

P.S.: I know that you are curious about what the girl said, and so am I. Of course, I will let you know the progress on this story as it happens. So, stay tuned and don’t forget to share the story of this new little Shakespeare on the block. See you next time, with another interesting post.

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