How to be in love and still be yourself

The only way to be in love and still be yourself is to first accept the fact that your spouse is not your identical twin. They never were and they never will be.

So, any emotion showing such expectations is really a waste of your energy and spirit.

In a nutshell, if your opinions never matched with your parents, why do you expect your spouse’s will be with you?

How to be in love and still be yourself?
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Here is how to be in love and still be yourself:-

No One Is Perfect in Love

The first milestone to a happy relationship is “Acceptance”.

Common, we all accept huge traffic jams and still go to work daily. Traffic jams never stops us from going to work. Then, why can’t we accept that no one is perfect. And no one needs to change either.

Accept people as they are and move on with life.

No one is perfect in love
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The 2 H’s -Healthy & Happy

The above two virtues are a rare combo to be found. When found never let it go. It is easy to fight and criticize. But it takes a lot of hard work to make someone feel happy and at home with you.

A must-have for all couples to make their relationships last forever. Remember, people like plants also needs enough space to grow comfortably.

Accept your spouse with love
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You get only what you give

It’s the simple age old Mantra that goes for almost anything in life.

Based on the old principle of “You get only what you give”, this really works in the modern life. Accept the differences you have.

Accept and let your partner be themselves. It is only then you can also “Be yourself”.

Start loving spouse the way they are
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So, guys and girls, marriage is not a scary thing. Neither is commitment to any relationship a grave mistake ever. Marriage changes nothing. It only sometimes makes us selfish and be unreasonable.

Stop enslaving your partner for what they are not and in no time you can be a proud owner of a Healthy and Happy Married Life.


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