JusticeForMadhu Justice For Madhu

Justice For Madhu, a bright engineering student brutally raped, burnt and killed in Raichur, Karnataka

We lost another woman. We lost another life. We are letting down another soul. #JusticeForMadhu caught my eye on the @tedstoner Instagram blog. No main stream media was covering it.

JusticeForMadhu Justice For Madhu
Image Source: HS News

Madhu, an engineering student was brutally raped, and burnt and hung from a tree by a rejected guy. She refused his advances and was killed in a village called Raichur, Karnataka.

He didn’t understand that No Meant No. He kidnapped her, gang-raped her and burnt her body after forcing her to write a suicide note.

She was an ace student. And there is no media coverage about this. The incident took place around 13th April, when she went missing. That’s when the youth of Raichur started protesting and campaigning for her.

Police tried to show it as a suicide

Images of her burnt body with an arm chopped off is going around the internet. The police had already closed the case by declaring it a suicide. However, it is not at all logically possible to hang yourself and burn yourself at the same time. The police were forced to open the case and now the accused has been nabbed.

I don’t and won’t understand why don’t people understand and respect a simple word NO. It is a single worded sentence in the English language which means ‘Nahi’.

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The police and politicians tried hard to close the case due to the ongoing Election season, without thinking about her.

Social media and youths saved this case, but till how will this go on? Till how long will there be a Nirbhaya, a Madhu and an Asif Bano before our machinery starts functioning better?

Follow the Twitter threads and Instagram stories of people who are covering this! There is no coverage about Madhu in mainstream media.

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