Women’s Day Special: You Go Girls – The New Age Women

Women’s Day Special: You Go Girls – The New Age Women

Long long ago, when God was still in the process of constructing the World, he made Adam and Eve. But the Bible tells us that God made Adam first. To create Eve, God took a single rib from Adam. Thus, started the world of Patriarchy and male Chauvinism. A world where women were seen as inferior and nothing more than help for men. But what our dear men of the society forgot to remember is that when “GOD MADE THE WORLD HE ALSO MADE METAPHORS!!”

For years and years, a woman was meant to be behind a man. She was born to be a wife and a child bearer. In the professional world, women were seen as being worth nothing other than being a helper to man. An assistant, a receptionist, a teacher or a nurse. All because women are the weaker sex, less smart or less physically capable. The idea that is enrooted so deeply that sexism and male chauvinism became unrecognizable. But in the last few years, there has been a flair of change. Women as a whole are realizing their worth. They have started to retaliate against years of torture and hardships.

Women's Day Special: You Go Girls - The New Age Women
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Women all over the world are starting to speak what’s on their mind. They are breaking up from the shackles of stereotypes that define an ideal woman. Gone are the times when a woman was meant to play her part for others. Today it’s herself that she cares about the most. And that’s how it ought to be.

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Woman Empowerment implies enabling ladies physically, socially, and emotionally. When the ladies in the nation are enabled with training and vocation, they are improving the financial status of the family and help lessen destitution in the nation.

In India, sexual orientation-based viciousness, misuse, regenerative health disparities, wage gap, and conventional practices are few types of imbalance focused towards the women. It is essential for our nation to battle all the social issues against ladies and bolster women empowering in an undeniable manner. For this private and government associations need to loan their help by advancing equivalent approaches, improving ladies’ wellbeing awareness, and giving ladies square with status in the working environment.

Lets make this Women’s Day special

Let’s take a pledge to make this International Women’s day special. Pledges to change our mindsets and help women gain power and respect in all aspects of life. As a woman and more importantly, as a human being, I urge you all to take a leap of faith in your sisters, mums, grandmas and female friends. Let them know that they are loved, cherished and can be whoever they wish to be. Also, a word of advice to all the women out there reading this: no one can make you feel inferior without your consent!! So put on those heels and get ready to take the world by storm.

To end this write up I can think of nothing better but the words of Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones and it says,


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