An Open Letter to Virat Kohli

Open letter to Virat Kohli
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Dear Virat Kohli,

I’m sure you and team India must be preparing very hard for the ICC T20 World Cup. As India set to start-off the World Cup campaign against New Zealand shortly, I find it the best time to send you a letter and lots of best wishes for the same.

I have neither any complaint against you nor against any other cricketers but what I have is a sea of expectations from all of you as far as team India is concerned. Being the most flamboyant and successful batsman in this era I have lots of things to say you. Indian fans are just too much emotional and so am I. But I don’t want to take your too much time and effort. So I am keeping this open letter succinct and up to the point.

#1)  Last time we won a World T20 Championship 2007 was in South Africa, this time I want you guys to repeat the history here in India. It will be an amazing opportunity to celebrate India’s victory across streets. We did it last time in 2011, half a decade back!

#2) After this World T20 Tournament, many of our senior cricketers might decide to hang boots including the likes of Yuvraj Singh, captain cool Dhoni and Nehra, so I wish you to win this T20 World Cup and give them the fantastic farewell that they deserve. Last time, the team played collectively well in 2011 Cricket World Cup and helped India and Sachin Tendulkar fulfill that long cherished dream. Please do it again.

#3) You had an incredible 2016 managing an average of 79 in your last T20Is, but you know World Cup is the mother of all events – I want you to bat little more better and take your average to 100. I believe in you and “Yeh Dil Always Wants More”.

#4) Just like a billion Indians, I wish you to play a memorable knock on Saturday as India will lock horns against the archrivals Pakistan. Until now, we have 100 % win record against our neighbors in World Cup but I wish you to contribute more with the bat in this match.

#5) Finally, my most hidden desire is to you see you hitting lots more sixes in this tournament that you don’t hit too many these days. I’m a huge fan of your batting and lovely shots across the fields but your sixes down the ground are absolutely phenomenal.

I’m concluding my letter with these words, “Virat Kohli is not a player anymore but a soul of team India”. 

Rock it! All the best.

Sincerely Your’s

A Crazy Indian Fan

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