Can Pink Ball Really Save The Gloomy Future of Test Cricket?

Can Pink Ball Really Save The Gloomy Future of Test Cricket?

Cricket is a game, which has always embraced technological nuances and innovations from time to time for the last few centuries together. The latest addition is the introduction of Pink ball to the game with a hope to revive test cricket – lying on the verge of its imminent death.

Initially, cricket was all about test matches, but with the unleashing of a T-20 era, both ODIs and Tests are struggling for their survival. Particularly, test matches are in urgent need of some sort of improvement or else its future is really dim. Lack of viewers and sponsors for test matches is really leaving a bad impact on the game.

Can Pink Ball Really Save The Gloomy Future of Test Cricket?
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Finally, ICC (International Cricket Council) has come out with a Pink Ball to garner more test match viewers. If all goes well then probably by this year-end, India will host a pink ball day-night (D/N) test match series against New Zealand. BCCI has already given its nod for Pink Ball at this year’s day-night version of Duleep Trophy.

Pink Ball Vs Normal Red Deuce Ball: What’s The Fuss?

Viewers Curiosity: Fans always want change. It is in this pursuit the ICC has invented pink ball to improve the declining viewership of test matches. As long as the curiosity and excitement of pink ball remain intact, more people will watch the game.

No More Draws: Though it’s highly speculative whether all D/N test matches will produce results or not, yet it seems that if day-night matches with a pink ball are played then definitely the dew factor will come to impact the game. Hence there will be possibilities of producing results.

Undue Advantage to Fast Bowlers: It would be relatively far difficult for a batsman to face pink kookaburra than a red deuce ball. In last year’s test match between New Zealand and Australia, the game was finished on the third day of the play as most of the batsmen from both teams got out. They couldn’t manage the extra pace and seam movement of the pink ball.

Visibility Issue: With excessive reliance on defensive stroke and shots, a day-night test match will be extremely difficult for a batsman. It will be also difficult for fielders to get a grip on the ball with floodlights all over above their heads. Instead, a white ball could have been a better option to initiate a D/N test match.

Can Pink Ball Really Save The Gloomy Future of Test Cricket?
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Players’ feedback and the performance of the pink ball depending upon its visibility and impact must be taken into account before making it official for test matches. All doubts pertaining to pink should be removed first and until then keep things status quo.

Don’t disturb the red ball.

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