This Rugby player’s broken finger the worst you’ve ever seen…

You might haven’t witnessed something scariest than this in a rugby match. Rugby saw one of its worst injuries in recent times. During match Harlequins captain James Horwill got injured.

This Rugby player's broken finger the worst you've ever seen
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Former English Rugby Captain Posted A Tweet On Horwill

The 31-year-old has definitely become epitome of fearlessness and determination by now. He suffered a terrific left index finger injury and dislocation during the match which left him reeling with pain.

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Three physios attended to try fix things up. But eventually he was rushed to a hospital. He is currently under a specialist surgeon’s observation. The injury was so much horrific that Horwill’s finger was hanging exactly at right angle degree; with a clear glimpse of his tattered finger bone while blood was profusely oozing out.


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