Construction Labour Meera Khoya Scored 54% In Board Exams

Education may be a luxury to many children in the urban cities where we are provided with ample opportunities to study and ensured safety rules for girls. Sadly this is not the case with many children in India where education is a dire need but next to impossible. Poverty steals away childhood pushing everyone into labour which meagre salaries. The work is extremely strenous causing tremendous impact on the health of these underprivileged children. 

One such story is of Meera Khoya from Jharkhand, who passed her 10th Board exam with 54%. This is an awesome mettle for someone who carries bricks 8 hours per day. Meera and her siblings realise the need to be educated in order to further support their family. Meera’s father passed away few years ago and her mother takes up any job she gets. Her younger sister helps her in construction work while her brother teaches football in order to support his education.

Ever since Meera was 8, she would wake up at 4:30 to do house chores, studying on alternate days and working regularly following which she would return home to help her mother, cramming 2 hours to study before she finally hits the bed. This has been the routine so far, earning rupees 200 per day for carrying bricks on her head.

The most astounding news is that until two days ago Meera’s family bank account had 1000 rupees only, however with generous contribution from our lovely Indians the account shows 2.8 lakhs balance.

Meera’s joy knows no bounds as she speaks to NDTV expressing her gratitude towards the contributions saying, “I want to thank everyone with folded hands. I hope with this money I can concentrate on my studies more and I don’t have to work so much anymore. I will certainly pay more attention to my studies. You please come back and check,”she assures.


NDTV covered the story on Meera, 16, from a village near Ranchi, requesting donation for their education. This has been a glorious new beginning for her family who are hopeful about Meera’s and their future.

“I hope she can study right up to college and decide what she wants to do. If she can lift us out of our poverty, it will be good for us all ”, these are the words of Meera’s mother Pahalo Khoya, who has struggled to meet ends to provide for her children.

This story has only given rise to hope that there are people who are ready to help the underprivileged, struggling children who want to shine in the world of education to make an identity and become something. To many such girls like Meera, may our girls march forward in boldness to induce courage into the hearts of those who are caged by their fears and frailty.

In case anyone would like to contribute, below are Meera’s genuine bank details provided by NDTV.

Pahalo Khoya
A/c no 495410100002531
Bank of India
Tupudana Branch
IFSC – BKID0004954