Nude Man Provokes Lions in Santiago, Watch Video

In an utterly bizarre man-animal conflict, two lions were killed apparently in an attempt to save an insane person who went inside the lion’s cage stripping naked wishfully to provoke the creatures. As per the report published in Daily Mail the incident took place at Santiago zoo in Chile on Saturday morning when 20-year-old Ferrada Roman entered inside lions’ enclosure completely naked to commit suicide which later turned out as a failed attempt.

Even the zoo officials were stunned that why the person chose zoo as a suicide spot? He exposed himself completely in front of lions provoking them to attack him. When lions attacked the man, he was severely injured before the zoo officials reached there and shot down two lions to save the man.

The person carried a suicide note mentioning his reason for suicide as apocalypse. He also made few provocative religious claims before committing his failed suicide bid. He has been rushed to the nearby hospital and is said to be in a critical condition. Meanwhile, nationwide protests followed across Chile condemning the killing of two lions. But Zoo officials stated in absence of tranquilizers there was no option left but to gun down two lions.

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