Open Letter To Sona Mohapatra, Rebel for a Cause

Dear Sona Mohapatra,

Calling spade a spade doesn’t seem to be politically correct to many. But being a rational citizen of India and of course the world, it is our uttermost priority to at least speak sense and something logical. It was quite an audacious attempt by you to openly go against Salman Khan’s Raped woman comment that went viral a few days back.

It feels good to see that even if the whole Bollywood prefer to swim with the tide, you preferred to go against the same while speaking your mind out. Really, Sona Mohapatra, you proved what it means to being talented and logically correct at the same time. Your comment and candid remarks against the societal problems, crimes against women and obnoxious biases across the country might seem to be harsh and blunt, but it gives solace to any rational citizens’ heart that at least they are real and correct, neither dubious nor Hippocratic.

It won’t be wrong to say that among so many Bollywood celebrities you are the most unapologetic, outspoken and someone who never refrain to walk extra mile for right if needed. Atrocities against women in India are rising day by day. Every day, we come across reports about crimes against them. It is high time we not just look towards administration for proper law and order but also try to change the perception of people towards women – let’s accomplish the dream of gender equality in India in reality.

Salman Khan’s Controversial Comment while talking about Sultan

For a celebrity it becomes more important to ensure that his comments are justifiable and must not hurt the sentiments of any other sections of the society. Though some media reported that Salman Khan’s comments were unintentional and blown out of proportion, and even his dad Salim Khan apologized for the same on his behalf, yet the superstar should have refrained from making such controversial remarks.

It was really painful to see that people trolled you for speaking your mind. This happens so often. Candid speaking has its own limitations. Trolling and getting abused on social media seem to be the norm of the day. If you speak right or what’s logical that is going against the superstar, then social media trolling is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we should stay silent over important issues too.

Open Letter To Sona Mohapatra, Rebel for a Cause
(Image Source: BBC)

You are not just an ace Bollywood singer with melodious voice and beautiful persona, but you are a wonderful human being too. What’s more striking about you is your crystal clear attitude and perspective on society. While many self proclaimed feminists say it again and again for publicity stunt, you are someone who prefers to speak wherever and whenever it matters most.

Open Letter To Sona Mohapatra, Rebel for a Cause
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As a fan, you are my favorite singer and someone whom I can trust for transparent behavior – You speak what you feel. Always remain same Sona Mohapatra – frank, honest and rational. Many best wishes to you and for your future endeavors as well. And keep rocking as always. You are the best !

Thank You

Sincerely Your’s

A Rational Citizen