Inspiring Video On Geeta Tandon, A Stuntwoman, Watch it Now!

Geeta Tandon, a Bollywood stuntwoman, is famous for filming action sequence scenes. She supervised many of them in Bollywood movies including Chennai Express, Singham and many more.  But her real life has also been full of harsh struggle and stunts.

She got married at an age of 15 to an abusive man and then it followed Geeta’s life struggles. While remembering her 5-year violent marital life, tears start rolling down her cheeks. Geeta is currently a mother of two is an ex-wife of an alcoholic husband who frequently abused her sexually and physically on daily basis, that’s what the video says. You can get inside the full story of Geeta Tandon here in an exclusive video produced by Culture Machine for a Women’s Lifestyle channel – Blush.

Watch it here;

Eventually, she ran away from her husband and in law’s house with her children and never looked back since then. In her initial days, she used to cook food and clean dishes. Then one day she came across a job vacancy of stunt woman, Geeta immediately applied for the same without any formal training and got selected there. She got injured herself a lot of time in the early days, but she resolved to become successful in this field. And eventually her dream came true in Bollywood!

Inspiring Story Of Geeta Tandon, A Stuntwoman
(Image Source: Beingindian)

Today, she is the Bollywood’s famous stuntwoman and aspires to become the nation’s first female action director. Truly, her story is a real inspiring one. Many people indulge in illegal activities or end up their life by committing suicide due to life’s agony and struggles but Geeta Tandon motivates each of us to fight back. She advocates everyone to fight for their lives and preserve the same because a life is priceless. Social Chumbak is wishing the great lady very best of luck in her future endeavor.

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