Who Wins The 1st US Presidential Debate of 2016? Hillary or Trump?

Who Wins The 1st US Presidential Debate of 2016? Hillary or Trump?

A run-up to the US Presidential election is getting murkier than ever. The US is all set to choose its 58th President in the election to be held on 8th November. As per convention, presidential candidates will have to engage in three TV debates before the poll. Though it doesn’t add any weightage to a candidate’s chance of winning; but it surely helps voters make up their mind in advance to who they should not vote to.

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed against each other in the New York for the 1st US Presidential TV debate. Fiery Donald Trump, representing Republican Party, looked quite confounded in front of the Democratic Party Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Contrarily, Mrs. Clinton answered each question confidently throughout the debate. Trump seemed more interested in levelling personal allegations against her than explaining his own viewpoint on how to make America great again. About which he campaigned so vociferously in the past few weeks.

Donald Trump Failed At the 1st US Presidential Debate?

Donald Trump completely failed to attack Hillary Clinton on 2012 Benghazi attacks or Clinton Foundation donors’ access to the State Department during her tenure as the secretary of state. Ironically, Hillary Clinton cunningly utilized the podium disclosing Trump’s inability to lead the nation in a number of ways. In fact, for the first time ever Donald Trump looked so nervous and ambiguous.

Who Wins The 1st US Presidential Debate? Hillary or Trump?
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While explaining his viewpoint on the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Trump kept on stumbling from one side to another. He claimed how he was completely against the George Bush’s conquest of Iraq. But at the same time, he wished that oil wells in Iraq should have been also conquered. The statement was self-contradictory per se.

How can you condemn war on one hand and justify stealing of resources of another country?

Likewise, while trying to present himself as a strong leader, Donald Trump completely forgot that the US is a democratic and republic nation, and not a dictatorship. The Republican Party candidate embarrassed his party by expressing his desire to revoke the prevailing laws relating to Obamacare, taxation and unlawful immigration into the US. But while doing so he missed touching upon the concept of consensus and confidence-building mechanism. Trump can’t make any major changes to prevailing US laws without getting a nod from the Supreme Court or an approval from US Congress.

How Hillary Clinton Outshines Donald Trump With a Smile?

Hillary successfully wooed a large populace of African Americans today by raking-up Trump’s controversial Obama birth issue. Trump’s doubt on Obama’s origin and subsequent malicious campaign against the first Afro-American president of the country didn’t go down well with the Black community in the US.

Somehow the matter only came to an end when Barrack Obama showed up his original birth certificate. But it has certainly caused some amount of displeasure among the blacks. They are already protesting on the streets of Minnesota owing to alleged injustice to them.

Obama’s birth certificate controversy will certainly see a significant rise in the share of African-Americans’ votes in favor of Democratic Party.

She not only outwitted Trump but also earned some brownie points with her convincing explanations. Hillary Clinton also raised the issue of Trump’s male chauvinistic attitude and how he humiliated her for being a female at a number of political speeches.

Definitely, by addressing this issue Hillary has made a direct contact with the women, feminists and those who believe in gender parity across the world. Even at the National Democratic Convention held a few weeks back, Hillary used the term ‘glass ceiling’ to demonstrate how the US never got a female president until now despite being a global superpower.

Whatsoever, the debate was also full of blatant personal attacks

Donald Trump criticised Hillary Clinton for deleting official emails from her home servers and thereby compromising on national security.

While the latter hit back disclosing Trumps’ non-payment of federal taxes for more than the last two decades which amounted to a huge loss to nation’s treasury.

Both Are Clueless on Terrorism

Today’s speech made it clear that whoever becomes the 45th president, a terror-free world is still a difficult dream to achieve. Neither Trump nor Clinton seemed to have any predetermined policy to tackle terrorism. Both have failed to highlight the issues which encourage the blooming of terrorism.

Similarly, they failed to address the causes that created Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan and other countries as safe havens for terrorists. The need of the hour for the American leaders is to sit together and find a common solution to a horrendous menace of terrorism. The election is a different thing, but long-term tranquillity in the world should be on the top of agenda at this year’s US Presidential Election.

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