Top 5 reasons why we should stop watching Indian TV serial like Nagin immediately

Top 5 reasons why we should stop watching TV Serial like Nagin immediately

The Indian TV industry is going through a phase where lots of TV Serial have a dark theme. They are full of superstitions, black magic, and vampires to the credit. Despite their negative effect, our television is flooded with such TV shows.

“Mumma, I want to become a Nagin when I grow up”

What will be your reaction when you will hear a 5-year-old
kid saying these words?

Well, I was certainly out of my senses for a few minutes when I heard my niece uttering those lines.

Top 5 reasons why we should stop watching Indian TV serial like Nagin immediately

Maybe, a few of us will not react or ignore this, believing it to be kiddish. Or maybe that laughing it off thinking they do not have any idea about whatever they are saying. But what if your kid grew up watching serials like Nagin and they assume that being a Nagin is a profession?

Kids are very good at imitating. And when it comes to imitating their favorite characters, nothing can beat them. So why not make them imitate an admirable character.

The Indian television industry is making shows like “Nagin”, “Divya-Drishti”, “Qayamat Ki Raat”, “Kavachh”, “Daayan” and “Nazar” in bulk. These are just a few names. Almost every channel is making such shows. But the surprising fact is that they are gaining huge TRPs as well.

Although the makers of the shows warns you in the beginning that it is just a fiction and they are not promoting superstition but how many of us actually read the warnings and disclaimers?

It is not just about these shows. Most of the shows are revolving around unrealistic characters. From a way too ideal daughter-in-law to a cunning mother-in-law or sister-in-law, and from a human shifting into an insect’s body to a Dayan having all her powers in her braid.

These serials are obtaining a lot of TRP. At the same time being absolutely irresponsible towards the fact of children watching them.A huge percentage of the audience comes from rural backgrounds. And they believe in whatever is shown to them.

5 harmful effects of Indian TV serials

1. Promoting Superstition

Accidents hapoen every day, but in TV serials an oil lamp going out or sindoor falling is considered a bad omen. Promoting the fact that if anything like this happens something bad is going to occur.

2. Woman is the home breaker

If we believe in our TV serials, women are the real home breaker. They conspire with everyone in the family. The world has gone to the moon and mars. But these TV Show makers are stuck in the era where a woman’s role is either kill or please everyone in the family. There are very few TV shows who portrayed an ambitious girl.

3. Unrealistic plots

I have heard that a woman can do anything for her family. A woman is strong and I have also seen a lot of women nurturing their families all alone. I believe that a woman can move mountains. But have you ever seen a woman turning into an insect to take revenge and save her family from the vamps and villains?

Indian TV Show - Sasuram Simar Ka
Image Source: YoutTube screen grab

Remember the famous show “Sasural Simar Ka”, it started from the struggle of a girl who wanted to become a Kathak dancer and she ended up becoming an insect, what??

4. A woman has to be FAIR in color

No, I am not talking about being right or wrong. Here I am talking about how the Indian serials promote or make you believe that only a fair girl is beautiful. A girl with wheatish or dusky completion has to bear the hatred. She is unwanted by society. Nobody loves her. According to the Indian serials being dusky is being ugly which is wrong in all possible ways.

Indian tv serial Suhani Si Ek Ladki - Hotstar
Image Source: Hotstar

There was a show named “Suhaani Si Ek Ladki” where the lead actress was a dusky complexioned girl and was a damsel in distress just because of her skin color. Isn’t it unfair? Aren’t these shows creating inferiority complex between a fair and dusky complexion?

5. Extramarital affair is a new standard

Remember “Kasauti Zindagi Ki”, where Ekta Kapoor started a trend of multiple marriages between the lead characters. Now every other TV Serial is enjoying this evergreen plot. Getting married twice or even thrice is a normal thing we witness in such shows. As per these shows, divorce, an extramarital affair and multiple marriages are a normal norm within Indian households.

Golden era of Television

Television is a mass media communication. Its role should be to spread positivity, happiness, awareness and a sense of knowledge among its viewers. But today’s TV Serials are full of negativity, and superstitions.

Indian tv golden era

The ’90s was definitely the golden era of television. Remember the days when we used to watch TV shows like “Hip-Hip-Hurray”, “Dekh Bhai Dekh”, “Udaan”, “Office-Office” and “Malgudi Days”. It was so much fun and excitement to watch them.

Nobody was ever willing to kidnap or kill anybody. Nobody ever shifted to any other body to take revenge. We only dreamt of becoming a better human being.

Way ahead !

For movies, we have a censor board in place. The government should think and bring in a regulatory board to monitor and control TV Serials, Music Videos, and Web Series. While freedom of expression should be respected, there should be clear guidelines to save the young minds from the negative effect of such TV serials. Also, as a citizen, it is our responsibility that we all should stop watching such TV serials. This will result in a dropped TRP and eventually force the channels to stop airing such TV serials.

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