Avengers Endgame Review
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AVENGERS: ENDGAME Spoiler-free Review of The Biggest Opener of 2019

There are always some things in life which we never want them to end. AVENGERS ENDGAME is just one of those things. One can safely say that it is one of the grandest culmination of 21 films/stories ever seen on the big screen. Hype apart, the sheer excitement among the Marvel loyal and the first-timers is phenomenal all over the world.

Rating: 4.75/5.0

Avengers Endgame Review

Director duo, Russo Brothers have created a history in the film world with their ultimate journey into the sci-fi fantasy-land of Marvel Cinematic Universe 🙂

Avengers Endgame, mother of all fantasy films is almost creating a Tsunami at the Box-office.

Eye-popping facts of AVENGERS ENDGAME

  1. Film has collected a whopping 1186 crore globally on first day of release, breaks records in China.
  2. In India, a staggering number of over 2.5 million tickets were sold via advance booking.
  3. For the first time, around 18 tickets per second were sold in India.
  4. Prices have reached an unbelievable point of 1000/- per ticket.
  5. First film in India to have shows running for 24 hours continuously, starting 1st show at 1:30am on 26/4/19.

AVENGERS: Infinity War, had upped our expectations of the grand finale to epic levels. And as if on cue, these MCU superheroes break all barriers of imagination to entertain us in the Marvel-ous way possible.

Without missing a single second, AVENGERS ENDGAME takes on from where AVENGERS Infinity War ended….with the bad guy, Thanos wiping off half the humanity at the snap of fingers. So obviously, ENDGAME has surviving Avengers giving a tough fight to protect the rest and bring back the lost. Adding Captain Marvel to the gang, the film is spaced out at multi-levels with the record number of superheroes, unbelievable destinations and way more complexities.

The best part of the film is the light-hearted humour between most unlikely characters giving us welcome breaks amidst heavy-duty war scenario.

The portrayal of human emotions in a most descriptive way has been one of the strongest points of ENDGAME. Getting into the psyche of some of the long-serving characters like Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and others seems completely logical and heart touching. Giving a human touch to this otherwise armour & suits drama.

Nevermind if you are one of those who has committed a grave crime of not watching a single Marvel film out of 21, ENDGAME sums it up once again with a befitting spectacle.

Initial two hours are almost dedicated to the building of past and present characters. Their guilt of letting down their friends in previous films. Their dilemma and confusion at tackling the present dangers and finally working on some special relationships that are thicker than blood. It takes ENDGAME a notch higher than other superhero films.

With a huge canvas of characters to play with, our childhood desire of watching comic strips come alive is fulfilled in more than one way. To refresh your memories, a blast from the past will have Hulk, Spiderman, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Groot, Rocket, Gamora, Star Lord, Black Widow, sharing the busting -to-the-seems screen space. More the merrier seems to be the mantra of Russo Brothers and hence the addition of Hawkeye and Antman and of course, Captain Marvel complete the pretty picture.

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Last one hour is to be experienced and not just seen to believe the extraordinary action with some jaw dropping and nail-biting battle scenes. Finally all films rest upon age old logic of good triumphs over evil but ENDGAME just does it oh-so-stylishly with adrenaline- pumping fights and precise VFX effects.

He may look a little hurly burly but Thanos has his own fan following who swear by his villainous streak.

Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is touted as the strongest Avenger and proves her mettle when confronted with Thanos….Kudos girl !!

Ironman (Robert Downey Jr), does not let down his ever-increasing tribe of fans either. Behind that iron wall lies an honest heart that tickles your funny bone in most adorable ways.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth), can be credited for pulling maximum female audiences to the theatres. When with mighty Storm Breaker in his hand, collective shrieks in cinema hall refuse to die down 🙂

Captain America (Chris Evans), is our good guy who can never go wrong.

Black Widow (Scarlet Johanson), may not have a huge role but makes an impact that lasts long enough.

Through tears and laughs, it is now time for that famous end-credit scene but we get to see the fleeting glimpse of the actual creator, Stan Lee, instead. And then suddenly it dawns upon us that. Yes, it is actually THE END of course.

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