Chris Gayle Insults A Female Journo In Bangalore

West Indies batsman and RCB team member Chris Gayle is once again back in the news for his grotesque remarks and sexist comments. This time his behavior off the field has certainly garnered enough criticism and condemnation. In Bangalore, a couple of days back, he spoke to female sports journalist Charlotte Edwards for Sunday’s Time Magazine and humiliated her with a series of deplorable statements as per the latest report.

For the last few months together, the Jamaican batsman is certainly not in form. Even in the current IPL tournament, barring one or two innings, Gayle’s streak of meager scores continues. Frustrated with Gayle’s poor form RCB skipper Virat Kohli even dropped him from the team in quite a few occasions. Now it seems that Gayle’s insecurity and worry over his own form and career is affecting his behavior off the field too.

Chris Gayle Insults A Female Journo In Bangalore
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A few months back, he roused a controversy by his infamous “Don’t blush baby comment” that he made to an Australian woman reporter Mel McLaughlin in a live interview during Big bash tournament. The matter went to such an extent that Gayle was fined 10,000 Australian Dollars.

What Exactly Chris Gayle Has Said in His Latest Interview 

The 36-year-old left hander cricketer has been recently blessed with a child a few days back. For this very purpose the female journalist congratulated him and planned for a brief interview which later turned out as grossly insensitive and immoral. While the female journo had to listen to what Gayle was saying, media fraternity condemned the cricketer’s statements in strictest terms.

Chris Gayle Insults A Female Journo In Bangalore
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A report says that Chris Gayle made several personal insinuations in the interview which were totally uncalled for. The report further says that Gayle told the journalist that he has “a very, very big bat, the biggest in the wooooorld,” while asking her “You think you could lift it? You’d need two hands.”

Gayle didn’t stop there and continued hurling humiliating comments at Edwards saying how many black men she sl*pt with and did she ever have thr**some with them. “I bet you have. Tell me,” the West Indian is quoted as saying according to Daily mail. Gayle also flirted with the journalist asking her if she dyes her hair while lewdly staring at her.

Gayle went further saying, “Women should please their man. When he comes home, food is on the table. Serious. You ask your husband what he likes and then you make it”, Gayle was quoted as saying in that interview.

Chris Gayle Must Apologize !

Chris Gayle Insults A Female Journo In Bangalore
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The West Indian opener might be a celebrity in his own respect but that doesn’t mean he will go on humiliating women journo repeatedly. Last time, he brushed aside the controversy saying ‘he is a joker’ but this time he has crossed the limit.

As a responsible cricketer and sane citizen of this world he must come forward and apologize to Charles Edwards for his crass remarks at the earliest. Or else that day is not far when audience and fans will stop respecting him for his utterly obnoxious demeanor in public.

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